The Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition is pleased to see that Wisconsin Department of
Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles is expanding DMV hours in Madison,
Milwaukee, and a number of rural locations.

A high percentage of Wisconsinites who have a disability are nondrivers. They do not
have a driver’s license and may not have other acceptable photo ID required to vote
and for other activities of daily living. While state residents may obtain a photo ID at
DMV offices, access can be challenging for individuals who have a disability, due to
lack of transportation or limited DMV access as a result of COVID. Disability
organizations have been talking to policy makers for years about the need to increase
access to DMV offices, including additional locations, and expanded hours and days.Today’s announcement from DOT is a promising first step.

It is especially encouraging to see that the Madison South DMV site at 1810 Park
Street is well located for nondrivers who rely on public transit. We are also heartened
by the plan to re-open nine rural DMV locals and improve access for many more
Wisconsinites. The closure of the Milwaukee Downtown DMV Center has been
especially concerning due to its central location. The limited new hours, on
Wednesdays in October from 8:15 AM to 4:30 PM and on Saturday, October 31
from 8:30 AM to noon, will help to begin to restore vital access.

The Disability Vote Coalition thanks Secretary Designee Thompson for expanding
access. It is gratifying that the new DOT Non-Driver Advisory Committee has
prioritized the need to expand access to DMV sites for obtaining photo ID, and we look
forward to opportunities to work with policy makers to increase access.

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