The Door County Land Trust and The Ridges Sanctuary are pleased to announce they have entered into discussions surrounding the combination of the two organizations into one operating entity. The combined organization would build on the strengths of both groups to become a stronger community resource focused on education and research, and the preservation of Door County’s exceptional lands and waters. The parties have worked together extensively in the past on numerous projects, such as the Festival of Nature and have deep respect for one another’s missions, programs, history, identities, employees, and volunteers. These discussions are preliminary and exploratory at this time, with much additional work to be done. The parties will proceed to a final agreement only if they both believe a combination would be in the best interests of their respective members and the community and that one organization could better achieve the combined missions than two organizations continuing separately.
During this initial exploratory phase, the community is invited to submit comments by emailing or, or by contacting Door County Land Trust president of the board Donna DeNardo at (920)785-1241 or The Ridges Sanctuary president of the board Linda Brooks at (920)421-2140.
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