(WISCONSIN) — Today, Democratic Party Chair of Wisconsin Ben Wikler released the following statement on Vice President Biden selecting Senator Kamala Harris as his Vice-Presidential running mate:

“Kamala Harris is a proven leader who is ready to serve Wisconsin and our country on day one, and Wisconsin Democrats are well-served with this historic choice. She believes what Joe Biden does — that America is at our best when we are united and when working people are given a fair shake. From her time as Attorney General of California, to her time in the United States Senate, we know she’ll always stand with working Wisconsinites against the wealthy and well-connected, because that is how she has spent her entire career. She cracked down on predatory mortgage lenders and took the big banks to task in court, fought to protect our environment from big oil, faced down the gun lobby and won, and helped take down the ban on gay marriage. Wisconsin needs fighters in the White House more than ever, and that’s exactly what we’ll get with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”


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