We the people are responsible to elect men and women that represent our values in the fullest capacity, but each day we continue to see a growing divide between the political parties. This divide goes so far that people no longer talk to family members and neighbors over political disagreements.

One of the largest contributors to this problem is the career politicians that no longer represent the core values of their designated region or district.

Farmers, manufacturers, small business owners, parents, veterans, and many others in our
communities continue to struggle. But every time the government attempts to fix it with more involvement, their problems continue to worsen. Those in the Political Elite have only one allegiance — with themselves. As your representative in the State Assembly, my allegiance will be with the people of the 41st Assembly District.

For generations, Americans have demanded to end the tyranny of career politicians who only want to improve their careers and not the lives of their constituents. A Gallup poll found that 75% of Americans want term limits implemented on the United States Congress, but the political elite will not implement this on themselves. Therefore, the people must take charge of its implementation.

By using the powers granted to us in Article V of the United States Constitution, the people must lead this fight. As your representative, I will sponsor a bill to call a Convention of States to hold the federal government accountable as the Founding Fathers intended.

The Founding Fathers created Article V because they understood the danger of a federal
government that expands beyond its constitutional duties. We must be hopeful that the state legislators will continue the fight to hold our government accountable. In the State Assembly, I will not rest until the Convention of States is called upon to implement term limits on politicians in Madison and Washington D.C.

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