Milton resident and small business owner Beth Drew today announced her candidacy to represent the 43rd Assembly District in the state legislature.

Drew was re-elected this week to Milton’s Town Board as a Supervisor. She is looking forward to continuing her work with the Fire Commission and Rock River Boat Patrol while working with her fellow Supervisors on Town matters. Drew sees an obvious cohesiveness with Town and State topics.

Graduating from Edgewood College with a BS in Nursing, Drew has worked in all aspects of generational health with an emphasis in maternal-child health. Drew has always felt drawn to the miracle of childbirth and most recently received certification as a Lactation Counselor where she uses this training at her Certified Breastfeeding Friendly Childcare Center.

Drew, who began Small Wonders Learning Center in 1998, knows the importance of our youngest learners and the impact of that foundational development for our future. Coupled with the knowledge of small business development, Drew will help to move the 43rd forward by strengthening our health, business and educational climates.

Drew, a Republican, holds fast to the qualities of faith, life and leadership through empowerment. Wisconsinites are in the midst of very uncertain health and economic conditions. COVID-19 continues to leave a wake which leaves no one untouched in Wisconsin and in our world. Whether it be through economics or health, these conditions will not magically change overnight, and we will likely see the far-reaching impact of COVID-19 for years to come. Using the knowledge gained from working in the health field as a Registered Nurse and the experience she has in developing her own small business, Drew will be an advocate for every elector in the 43rd Assembly District.

Listen. Care. Do.

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