“I’m backing Jessi Ebben for United States Congress. We need a change, and I can tell you why. I experienced all the struggles, like so many others in the service industry, when we were shutdown during the COVID-19 crisis. I had a conversation about it with our current congressman. When I asked him about what could be done to help businesses, the answer I received was ‘we can’t think of everything.’ When I sat down and talked to Jessi, I told her my concerns. She didn’t have all the answers, but she did tell me she would find them. As congresswoman, she’ll ask the right questions and do the research to get back to me. She can’t fix everything but is willing to listen and give me some real answers. That is why I’m supporting Jessi Ebben to represent Wisconsin’s 3rd District in Congress.”

Mike Murray
City of Tomah Mayor

Mike Murray was elected to his second two-year term as Mayor of the City of Tomah in April, 2020. He also owns and runs a restaurant business and event venue, Murray’s on Main, in downtown Tomah.

“Mayor Murray has worked hard serving the City of Tomah and spent his tenure in office homing in on issues that have an everyday impact on people’s lives. As a restaurant owner, Mike personally knows the challenges faced by businesses in our economy and is a passionate advocate to help them thrive. I look forward to working with him on rebuilding our economy with pro-business policies and am honored to have his endorsement to represent the people of Wisconsin’s 3rd District in Congress.”
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