“Jessi will be a great leader for the 3rd Congressional District! Her understanding of the roles of government give me faith in her ability to lead while respecting the limits of government. She grew up in a rural small town, but also has spent much time in urban areas, which gives her a uniquely well-rounded life experience. Her ability to listen and interact with voters makes her an excellent candidate. Her use of social media during the ‘Safer at Home’ order gives her a definite edge over the other candidates.”
Pete Church, Lincoln
Town Board Chairman
“The 3rd Congressional District of Wisconsin deserves a representative of the people, and her name is Jessi Ebben. She is a fresh, young face with conservative Christian beliefs to guide her in her decisions as a representative for her constituents. Jessi is motivated and has the energy needed to fight for the rights and beliefs of the citizens of the 3rd Congressional District. The political world needs the honesty and sincerity that Jessi possesses to allow the voices of the people be heard. She will fight tirelessly to ensure the right choices are made. It is time for a change and time to find a candidate that will make the best decisions for the people she represents instead of merely following party lines. The 3rd Congressional District has been a potential win for a conservative candidate for years; however, the same type of candidate is being chosen every election cycle. A candidate is needed that is different; one that can break the mold of previous candidates and have a better chance of going up against the incumbent. Therefore, Jessi Ebben is the right person for the job!”
John Krett, Arcadia
Town Board Member
Pete Church is in his 3rd term as Chair for the Town of Lincoln Board. He also currently serves as the Chair for the Adams County Republican Party and is a 3rd generation Adams County farmer.

John Krett is a board member for the Town of Arcadia. He also serves on the board for the Wisconsin School Bus Association. He lives in rural Wisconsin with his wife and two children on their small beef farm and works for the Arcadia School District.

“Having the support of Pete Church and John Krett, two strong local leaders is an absolute honor. They are both very hard working individuals and dedicated to serving their communities and farming with their families. As representative, I will be fiercely dedicated to bringing the people’s voice back to the communities of western and central Wisconsin. Many of our best ideas come from those serving at the local level, as they closest to the issues our communities face and often present the best solutions. I look forward to working with Church, Krett and all local government leaders to represent our communities and support agriculture in Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District.”

Jessi Ebben
Candidate for U.S. Congress, WI-03

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