“I am supporting Jessi Ebben for Congress because she is the change that Western Wisconsinites like myself have been looking for. As someone who grew up in Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District, there is no one I’d rather have represent me in Washington than someone who knows our district by heart, and most importantly, knows the issues that actually matter to us here in the 3rd District. As a former independent, it is clear that Jessi Ebben is one to always act upon her principles and put the interests of the people she serves over that of any political establishment while still adhering to her conservative values.

“I have always believed there to be a difference between a politician and a public servant. A politician is someone like Ron Kind who pretends to work for the people, but when tested, will always bow to the commands of Nancy Pelosi. A public servant is someone like Jessi Ebben who will always stick to her conservative values, but will never allow her party to precede her constituents. Jessi Ebben is a strong conservative, but she is an even stronger Wisconsinite and I am proud to support her for U.S. Congress.”

Brett Larkin
Monroe County Supervisor

Brett  Larkin is a lifelong resident of Tomah. He worked as a legislative intern for the Assembly Majority Leader’s office. Since then, he pursued a mayoral election in the City of Tomah, although he did not prevail in the primary. He is a proud member of the Monroe County Republican Party and currently serves the great people of Monroe County as a County Supervisor. He also was recognized by the 3rd District Republican Party as Outstanding Youth for 2019.

“I’m honored to have the endorsement of a strong young conservative and guiding light for the next generation, Brett Larkin. As a dedicated leader in his community, Brett has fought to for the conservative policies he knows will sustain it, even when his views are not popular. I’m honored that he trusts me to protect his fundamental right to stand for what he believes. I look forward to working alongside him and representing his voice, and all voices of the 3rd District, in Washington, D.C.”

Jessi Ebben
Candidate for U.S. Congress, WI-03
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