WASHINGTON, DC – Jessi Ebben earned the endorsement of the House Freedom Fund, the conservative political arm of the House Freedom Caucus founded by former U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows, President Trump’s current White House Chief of Staff, with U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan and currently led by U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs.

Ebben has not only received more local endorsements from conservative leaders across Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District in the GOP primary, but she’s also received the endorsement of Right Women PAC led by Debbie Meadows, wife to Mark Meadows, and Amy Kate Budd, wife to U.S. Rep Ted Budd.

Ebben has also received the endorsement of Wisconsin Right to Life and Pro-Life Wisconsin for her commitment to protecting the unborn. And as a defender of our Second Amendment and member of the NRA and Gun Owners of America, Ebben will never allow any restrictions on law abiding gun owners.

“I am absolutely honored to receive the endorsement of the House Freedom Fund, which focuses on changing Washington by helping principled, conservative outsiders get elected to Congress. They support grassroots candidates fighting for liberty, safety and prosperity for all Americans. I’m proud to be recognized by this influential group of national leaders as the true conservative fighter in Wisconsin’s 3rd District Republican primary,” said Ebben.

Jessi Ebben is the only candidate in the Republican primary that can defeat liberal Democrat incumbent Ron Kind and flip this congressional seat from blue to red.

She will represent us, our community and our Wisconsin values.

Learn more about Jessi Ebben by visiting EbbenForWisconsin.com.

And watch Jessi Ebben’s first television ad by clicking here.

Jessi Ebben is a Republican candidate in Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District and a public relations professional from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.


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