WASHINGTON, DC – Right Women PAC announced Friday its endorsement of Jessi Ebben, candidate for Wisconsin’s 3rd District. She will be on the ballot in the August 11th GOP primary in Wisconsin. Right Women PAC is led by Debbie Meadows, wife of White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

Jessi Ebben is committed to conservative values and Right Women’s positions. She is a defender of the Second Amendment and our other cherished Constitutional rights. Jessi is also an enthusiastic advocate for the unborn, and will be a strong voice for pro-life policies. Jessi will also prioritize the rule of law and she supports President Trump’s law-and-order agenda.

“Jessi Ebben has a solid background as a communications specialist who helps translate the public’s concerns into actionable reforms for local governments,” said Debbie Meadows, Executive Director of Right Women PAC. “Throughout her career, Jessi has helped make government more responsive and accessible to constituents. She understands the importance of limited government and federalism, and she will be an advocate for both.”

“Jessi is a champion for all of Right Women’s core principles,” said Right Women Board Member Amy Kate Budd. “We are looking forward to her victory in the August primary.”

“It is an absolute honor to be endorsed by Right Women PAC. Their core values align with the issues Americans want prioritized in Washington, D.C. and the pillars of my campaign platform, which I’m proud to say was built by the people of Wisconsin’s 3rd District,” stated Ebben. “The national influence that Debbie Meadows and Amy Kate Budd bring with their support in my race has not been seen in 24 years of attempts to flip this seat. With these strong leaders of the conservative movement behind us, our campaign will have the power and momentum to defeat Ron Kind and advance President Trump’s America First agenda.”

Right Women PAC’s mission is simple and strategic: to help elect genuinely conservative women to Congress. Right Women only endorses women candidates who demonstrate they are: pro-Constitution, pro-life, supportive of President Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda, staunch defenders of the Second Amendment and law enforcement agents, and advocates for border security, religious freedom, Israel, and our veterans.

For more information about Jessi Ebben and Right Women’s other endorsed candidates, visit www.RightWomen.com.

Jessi Ebben is a Republican candidate in Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District and a public relations professional from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.


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