The Elections Commission says it referred 43 cases of suspected cross-state voting to DAs in 19 Wisconsin counties stemming from the November 2018 election.

Details of the cases, including which counties received the referrals, weren’t immediately available. Voting more than once in the same election is a class I felony under state law.

The commission discovered the cases using the Electronic Registration Information Center to check those who voted in Wisconsin against voters who cast ballots in other states. The commission staff compared names, dates of birth and other information against voting records in other states. The commission then voted unanimously during its Feb. 27 meeting to refer the cases for prosecution.

The commission noted the 43 referrals represent 0.002 percent of the nearly 2.7 million votes cast in the November 2018 election.

The cross-state voting data was newly available to states using ERIC. The commission also conducts post-election audits of the voter rolls to detect possible voter fraud within the state.

See the release here.

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