MADISON – Thank you so very much for the opportunity to fight for you and alongside you this election cycle. We set out to re-establish Madison’s proud progressive tradition, and have found that our city is strong in its commitment to hope and forward movement.


Wisconsin accepted me as its own in 2002 when I immigrated from Sudan, Africa to the US. Through these past few months, I’ve found that the same kindness, hospitality, and grace that accepted me all those years ago was still deeply tangled in our moral character.


Madison, I am so proud of us. We’ve built a movement that is truly remarkable. In a time of unpredictable strife, we saw a bit of hope; we found the agency to stand up for the values that we not only hold but those we aspire to. Madison, you yelled alongside me and took on the status quo and molded it into the active advocacy we’ve yearned for.


We were apprehensive but never afraid. Hopeful but never disillusioned, strong but never unforgiving. We have found the political courage to ask for what we deserve and that is such an ode to our past and such a testament to our progressive future.


That’s what we are about in this district; building that courage in our community after we find it within ourselves. People have told me that they’ve become brave because of our campaign; and isn’t that how revolutions start?


And what a time it is to have one. The road ahead of us is indeed tough, but we are clearly prepared to meet it, and to meet it well.


I am so honored to have stood in this fight with all of you and alongside our endorsers. Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin, MTI, AFT, DSA, Sunrise-Madison, Voces de la Frontera, and many many others who have recognized that this is a movement moment. To the community leaders and community officials who have supported us, I am so deeply indebted to your friendship and goodwill. To Representative David Bowen, who has stood with our Black, Indigenous, and Brown children as they’ve marched for their lives, we stand in inspiration and gratitude. To my campaign team, your dedication to building our coalition has never been more apparent and the work you’ve put in has amounted to one of the most historic, well organized, and best-looking campaigns in the history of Madison and state senate elections. Shout out to Aidan, our digital director, who is just 16 and can outdo any graphic designer in the Midwest—I’d bet money on that. In fact, I’d bet a whole campaign on it!


And of course, to the 26th district. We are so deeply indebted to the resilience you’ve shown. You chose the uncomfortable and the truthful.


What we’ve built is unprecedented. This is different and it is good. And goodness always wins.


Our fight does not end today, this coalition will only grow moving forward. We have paved the path for true progressive reform.  Congratulations to Kelda Roys on your hard-fought victory. We are excited to see the work you will accomplish in the state senate and wish you all the best in fighting for us. To the other candidates in the race, your work is also historic and I am moved and inspired by the service you have given our community.


This is such a great night for democracy no matter if the result hasn’t gone our way. This is the first contested primary for this seat in a long while, the first new senator in 57 years and that is powerful. We will do well to keep our democracy just as engaged and inspired as it has been this year.


Thank you, Madison, from the bottom of my heart.



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