MADISON — Tony for Wisconsin today announced a six-figure ad buy in media markets across Wisconsin. “Steady Leadership” promotes Gov. Evers’ leadership in tough times, getting support and supplies to families, farmers, and communities in need during COVID-19. The ad is part of an integrated paid media campaign in the Green Bay, La Crosse/Eau Claire, and Milwaukee media markets.

“The Governor promised he’d put people before politics, and that’s what he’s done throughout this pandemic,” said Mitch Wallace, executive director for Tony for Wisconsin. “The governor has relied on science and the advice of public health experts to take action and save lives, from safer at home to limiting public gatherings to requiring face coverings in public places. And he’s not only worked to keep our families, workers, and communities safe, but he’s worked to get folks the support they need during these tough times.”

The ad highlights the governor’s efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while supporting Wisconsin families, frontline workers, farmers, and small businesses who need it most:

  • 1,244,575 in new testing kits and lab supplies distributed to communities in need;

  • $75 million in statewide contact tracing efforts;

  • 13,427,369 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) distributed to communities, including frontline workers, first responders, schools, and businesses; and

  • $225 million in relief for Wisconsin’s farmers and small businesses.

The ad also slams Republicans in the Legislature for failing to act during this pandemic. While Gov. Evers has been working to keep Wisconsinites healthy and safe, providing PPE, statewide contact tracing and testing, and support to help Wisconsinites get through these difficult times, the governor’s efforts have consistently been met by political obstruction from Republicans. Despite seeing record-breaking days of COVID-19 positive cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, Republicans and their allies have repeatedly sued Gov. Evers and his administration to prevent his efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Wisconsin. Republicans in the Legislature have not passed a bill in more than 180 days. They are now indicating they may come into lame-duck session after the November election to end the governor’s public health emergency and strike down an order requiring face coverings in public places, a policy supported by 72% of Wisconsinites. Republicans’ continued rhetoric has even helped prompt a recall effort against Gov. Evers. The recall effort against Gov. Evers began in late August.

“Republicans and their allies have failed to take this virus seriously from the beginning–they’ve consistently put politics before the health and safety of the people of our state,” Wallace continued. “We’re not just working to save the veto this November, we’re coming for Republican seats in the Legislature.”

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