On Tuesday, Black Leaders Organizing in Communities (BLOC) announced that it was endorsing Ed.

For the past two years, BLOC has increased minority voter turnout at the polls in Wisconsin through the use of innovative programs.  The BLOC staff of 19 neighborhood Ambassadors engages with residents and conducts voter outreach. And BLOC pairs its Ambassadors with candidates for political office, conducting a “silent canvass” in which the team goes door to door but the candidate pledges to remain silent and simply listen to the concerns of residents.  Ed went on a silent canvass last year with a BLOC Ambassador, and many of the current Democratic candidates for President have gone on their own silent canvass with BLOC here in Milwaukee.

Rick Banks, the Political Director of BLOC, announced the endorsement, saying “Ed Fallone will bring a much needed academic perspective to the law on a court dominated by partisan interests.  Additionally, his presence will diversify a court that hasn’t reflected the diversity of the state for too long.”

The support of community groups like BLOC is crucial to the success of Ed’s campaign.  The BLOC endorsement is one sign of a growing groundswell of support for Ed in the past two weeks.  All over Wisconsin, voters are turning their attention to the upcoming Supreme Court election. They are educating themselves about the candidates.  And they are choosing Ed.

Other notable endorsements for Ed this past month include Wisconsin Representative to the Democratic National Committee Khary Penebaker, Candidate for 1st Congressional District Attorney Angela Cunningham, State Representative Marisabel Cabrera, Milwaukee County Supervisors Supreme Moore Omokunde, Marcelia Nicholson, and Jason Haas, Milwaukee Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton, Kenosha School Board member Yolanda Santos Adams and community leaders Pardeep Singh Kaleka and Adrian Chan.

We can change the Wisconsin Supreme Court and elect a different kind of Justice: a law professor, an outspoken defender of our civil liberties, and a long-time advocate for working families in the legal system.


Ed Fallone is a constitutional law scholar who has devoted over 27 years of his life to the law and ensuring that the Wisconsin legal system works for all Wisconsinites. He has taught over 2,300 Wisconsin lawyers including judges and elected officials. Ed will be the first Latino to serve on our state’s highest court and will bring expertise in corporate and criminal law to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. His mother was a Mexican immigrant and his father was a teacher, he comes from a working class family and has two children who attended Yale University and the American University School of International Service. Ed is running for Wisconsin Supreme Court to preserve the independence of the judiciary and defend our rights to equal treatment under the law and self-governance.

The primary election for the Supreme Court will be held February 18, 2020.

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