“I fully support, endorse, and encourage others to vote for Jessi Ebben. We live in interesting and unprecedented times. Many candidates would back down from a primary full of solid Republican candidates and a run against a long-time Democratic incumbent for Wisconsin’s 3rd District. It’s challenging making appearances, talking face to face with people, and raising the financial resources required to obtain such a prestigious position. Yet, Jessi is full steam ahead and following her passion to help others. She’s not only looking to help people in western Wisconsin, but looking at how she can help our nation succeed. What I most admire other than a strong desire to facilitate change, is her eagerness to learn. She hasn’t served in the military. Less than 1% of the United States population does. But, she is fully aware of the military presence within our state and the strategic importance it has within the military for our nation. I believe she will be a strong advocate for military programs that affect Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve members. I believe she will fight to protect benefits that military retirees and those that have separated with service-connected disabilities have earned. I believe she has a zero tolerance for sexual misconduct and that those proven guilty will be held accountable. I believe she will use her values and ethics to make informed decisions in the best interest of Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District. I believe Jessi Ebben will be an excellent member of the United States House of Representatives.”

Greg Cullen
Command Chief Master Sergeant (Ret)

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