Franklin, WI – This morning the United State Supreme Court found that the United States Government failed to provide adequate justification for shutting down the Deferred Arrival Childhood Arrival (DACA) program that was implemented under the previous administration. The program provides temporary status for individuals brought to the United States by their parents and has overwhelming public support.

Forward Latino National President Darryl Morin issued the following statement:

“Forward Latino applauds today’s ruling by the United States Supreme Court. During this difficult time in our nation’s history, as we face a pandemic and efforts by some to further divide our nation, the Justices of the United States Supreme Court fulfilled their sworn oaths to uphold the United States Constitution and to defend the principles that lie within the sacred document.

The program provides temporary status for approximately 700,000 individuals who were brought to our country by their parents and by no fault of their own. They grew up as Americans, loving America, and in many cases serving and defending our nation. Today we know that 95% of DACA recipients are working or are in school, 8% of recipients that are 25 years old or older have started businesses which are creating jobs, 65% have purchased cars and
16% have purchased a home. Their contributions are and will add hundreds of billions to our economy. We also know that tens of thousands of DACA recipients are working in healthcare, literally putting their lives at risk to protect ours during this pandemic.

It is our hope that the authority questioned by this administration that serves as the basis for DACA, an authority used by every U.S. President since President Dwight Eisenhower can finally be put to bed and that we can work together in a constructive manner to finally reform our broken immigration system.”

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