You knew it was coming.

It’s the eve of the election, President Trump is gaining momentum and Democrats are panicked, so we knew dirty tricks were on deck.

A sophisticated cyber-attack designed to divert resources from the President’s campaign targeted Battleground Wisconsin.

Our operation remains strong, and our volunteers are fired up like never before.

With the leading poll in Wisconsin showing President Trump faring better than he was at this point in 2016, the Democrats are in full-blown panic – and dumping massive amounts of money into Wisconsin to turn the tide back in their favor.

The cyber criminals who targeted the President’s campaign were surgical in their precision. They clearly want to sway our battleground state to the liberal Biden Harris ticket.

At this late hour, every dollar they steal from the President’s campaign is like a dollar in the Democrats’ pockets. With your help we will fight off the Democrat money and the cyber criminals trying to tamper with our election.

Please donate right now to help make sure Wisconsin’s 10 crucial electoral votes are cast for President Trump.

Andrew Hitt

Republican Party of Wisconsin
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