Green Bay, WI – This morning, the campaign for Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher released its first television advertisement of the 2020 campaign cycle. The ad features Congressman Gallagher, a 7th generation Wisconsinite and United States Marine Corps veteran, running through the 8th District and reflecting on how he and Northeastern Wisconsin have risen to meet 2020’s unique challenges.

The ad, entitled “RESOLVE,” is accessible HERE. The text of the ad follows.

“The oath I swore in the Marines is the same one that I swore in Congress: To defend this country from enemies foreign and domestic. I never imagined a virus would be one of them.

“I’m Mike Gallagher. This crisis has tested our resolve and challenged Northeastern Wisconsin to come together.

“Like always, we have risen to the challenge. Nurses and doctors, first responders, and every day workers. They never quit and neither will I.”

“I’m Mike Gallagher and that’s why I approve this message.”

Beginning today, the advertisement will run online and on Green Bay-area broadcast and cable television through mid-September.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Congressman Gallagher has taken a number of steps to help communities throughout Northeastern Wisconsin. He helped secure 100,000 surgical grade face masks after working directly with Taiwanese officials, provided $200,000 in contributions from his re-election campaign to local organizations on the front lines of the Coronavirus health response, and partnered with the Brown County Health Department drive to collect thousands of pieces of PPE.

Since his election to the House of Representatives in 2016, Congressman Gallagher has proven to be an effective advocate for Northeast Wisconsin supporting returning veterans, helping Marinette Marine secure a $5.5 billion contract to build the next naval frigate, and breaking through the partisan gridlock to fix what’s broken in Washington.

Congressman Gallagher was first elected to the House of Representative in 2016, winning his first campaign by 26%. In 2018, he won re-election by 27% in 2018 over Democrat attorney Beau Liegeois. Gallagher and his wife Anne reside in Green Bay, Wisconsin with their daughter Grace.

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