Green Bay – This evening, in a televised debate against his Democratic opponent, Congressman Mike Gallagher offered a clear articulation of his candidacy and detailed why he is best qualified to represent the 8th District in the House of Representatives.

While his opponent stuck to personal attacks and partisan rhetoric, Congressman Gallagher delivered substantive answers to the challenges facing Northeast Wisconsin and outlined specific solutions that would help families, businesses, and farmers across the district.

In his closing message to voters, Congressman Gallagher delivered the following remarks:

“I was privileged to grow up in Northeast Wisconsin. In a family that taught me we are all privileged to be Americans, citizens of the greatest country on Earth, but that we had a duty to serve.

“And therefore, I had the privilege of serving the country that I love in the United States Marine Corps, and the privilege of serving alongside true heroes, young men and women who sacrificed everything to keep us safe.

“I’ve had the privilege of serving you in Congress, where I’ve provided direct assistance to the unsung heroes: the health care workers and the cops who have been keeping us safe in this pandemic.

“If you give me the privilege of serving you for two more years, I will continue to put country above party, principles ahead of politics, and I will always conduct myself in a way that reflects the true values of Northeast Wisconsin.

The debate aired live on WFRV in Green Bay and was moderated by Tom Zalaski and Michele McCormack. Congressman Gallagher was first elected to the House of Representative in 2016, winning his first campaign by 26% over Democrat Tom Nelson. In 2018, he won re-election by 27% in 2018 over Democrat attorney Beau Liegeois. Gallagher and his wife Anne reside in Green Bay, Wisconsin with their daughter Grace.

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