Green Bay, WI – This morning, the campaign for Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher released its latest television ad of the 2020 election cycle. The advertisement, titled “Surprise,” will air in Northeast Wisconsin online, on cable, and on broadcast television over the next week.

The ad focuses on the Transparency in All Health Care Pricing Act of 2019 that Congressman Gallagher authored with Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter of Colorado. This common-sense, bipartisan legislation would empower patients by requiring pharmaceutical companies, insurers, doctors and hospitals to publicly share the costs of any product or service, thereby increasing competition and lowering prices.

“Surprise” is accessible HERE. The text of the ad follows.

“You get sick. You see a doctor. You visit the hospital and a couple weeks later, you get a surprise in the mail.

“It’s enough to make you sick again, because they never told you what it would cost.

“I’m Mike Gallagher. It happens to everyone: Republicans and Democrats, that’s why I’m working across the aisle to fix it; to force insurers, providers, and drug companies to tell you the price up front.

“I’m Mike Gallagher and, no surprise, I approved this message.”

The Transparency in All Health Care Pricing Act of 2019 is just one example of legislation that Congressman Gallagher has introduced to make quality health care affordable and accessible for all Wisconsinites.

In 2019, Gallagher authored legislation to lower Wisconsinites’ prescription drug costs by changing cost-sharing rules. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, he teamed up with Democratic Congressman Mark Pocan of Madison to introduce the Medical Supply Chain Security Act which would reduce the United States’ reliance on foreign countries like China for critical medicines and supplies.

Congressman Gallagher was first elected to represent the 8th Congressional District in 2016, winning his first campaign by 25%. In 2018, he won re-election by 27% over Democrat attorney Beau Liegeois. Gallagher and his wife Anne reside in Allouez, Wisconsin, with their daughter Grace.

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