Yesterday, Wisconsin State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski joined Dr. Jill Biden to host a virtual listening session with moms from the Green Bay area to hear how they are struggling to balance work with the needs of their children after President Donald Trump’s failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


“We need to say it over and over again. Joe has a plan. Joe has a plan — I think that is the critical difference between what we are seeing out of the White House today…Wisconsin we have 58 days until the election, that’s it. We know the road to White House runs through our state,” said Wisconsin State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski.


 “Across this country Americans of all walks of life are putting their shoulders back and fighting for each other. We haven’t given up. We just need leadership worthy of our nation, worthy of all of you and no one knows resilience like my husband, Joe. He’s faced his share of trials and tragedies. Our family has been knocked down and our hearts have certainly been shattered but through it all he learned how to heal a broken family. It’s the same way you heal a nation. It’s with love and understanding — with small acts of kindness, bravery, and unwavering faith. You show up for each other in big ways and small ones. Again, and again, he will show up for you,” said Dr. Jill Biden.


“The only reason all of this is working is because of all of the things that you mentioned, Dr. Biden. People caring, being compassionate, competent and making it work. And it’s just not fair for that to be what holds the entire system up. We need that structure and that leadership at all levels to make this a really successful experience, so that students can actually flourish,” said Green Bay Mother and Brown County Supervisor Amanda Chu.


“It looks very different from the spring, going into the fall. In the spring, it was a knee-jerk reaction for teachers, families and students…Going into the fall, I believe it looks different because I think school districts and amazing teachers all came together and said how is this going to work…I’m not a special education teacher and I don’t have the skills that they went to school for, I know my son, but I don’t have the skills of a special education teacher and I know that makes it a little bit difficult for him and for me. We will do our best but it’s not perfect,” said Green Bay Mother Erin Beres.


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