WISCONSIN DELLS — Gov. Tony Evers today at the Annual Governor’s Conference on Emergency Management & Homeland Security announced a bipartisan package of legislation to address flooding in Wisconsin. The governor’s announcement today comes as local communities across the state are beginning planning and preparation for spring flooding. The bills announced today address flooding through investing in local flood prevention and recovery and rebuilding efforts after damaging floods. 

“Folks in Wisconsin continue to be adversely affected by extreme precipitation and weather—I have seen firsthand how families and communities have had to rebuild because of flooding in areas across our state,” said Gov. Evers. “I visited homes across our state last year and heard from the families who are asking us to help them prepare and prevent flooding and to keep families and their homes, farms, and businesses safe. The state needs to start leading on this issue, and these bills are an important step at giving families and communities peace of mind and the tools they need to not only recover and rebuild, but to prevent flood damage in the future. I am hopeful that the Legislature will work quickly to take this legislation up before the end of session to ensure we’re doing everything we can to help Wisconsin’s families before flooding season this spring.

Following his announcement, the governor, together with Wisconsin Emergency Management Administrator Dr. Darrell Williams, will be meeting with residents of Trempealeau County who were affected by flooding last year. Gov. Evers visited Dodge and Arcadia last spring to assess and discuss the area’s flooding concerns and is returning today to continue those discussions. The conversations he had with folks in Trempealeau County and across the state after last year’s flooding inspired the priorities outlined in this legislative package.

The bills in the governor’s proposed legislative package will be circulated for co-sponsorship in the Legislature today. The package includes:

LRB-4578 relating to: creating a flood mitigation program in the Department of Transportation, granting rule making authority, and making an appropriation;

LRB-4579 relating to: funding for the municipal flood control program and making an appropriation;

LRB-5591 relating to: aids for certain highways damaged by disaster;

LRB-5593 relating to: income tax deduction for flood insurance premiums;

LRB-5597 relating to: disaster assistance payments and making an appropriation; and 

LRB-5792 relating to: bonding for the soil and water resource management program and granting bonding authority. 

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