MADISON— Gov. Tony Evers today announced his appointment of Larisa Benitez-Morgan to be a Kenosha County Circuit Court judge.

The appointment fills a vacancy that will be created by the retirement of Judge David M. Bastianelli, effective April 1, 2020.

“Attorney Larisa Benitez-Morgan is a highly-skilled attorney who has dedicated her life to making sure that our courts treat everyone fairly and equally, regardless of background,” said Gov. Evers. “She will be an excellent judge for the people of Kenosha County.”

Benitez-Morgan has been a public defender in Kenosha County since 2008. During that time, she has specialized in criminal, juvenile, mental health, protective placement, termination of parental rights, and child support matters. She has handled many of the Kenosha County Public Defender’s Office’s most difficult, high profile cases. Before serving as a public defender, Ms. Benitez-Morgan practiced real estate, intellectual property, and family law.

“Attorney Larisa Benitez-Morgan will be an outstanding jurist in Kenosha County. She has always come to court knowing the facts and law of her cases. As a result, she has earned the respect of her clients, other attorneys, and judges,” said Judge Chad Kerkman. “Everyone will feel as if they were heard in her courtroom because she has always listened to her clients and paid careful attention in court.”

“Attorney Benitez-Morgan is a dedicated attorney, knowledgeable, and experienced,” said Judge Jodi Meier. “She is always well prepared for court and compassionate toward her clients. I am confident she will bring those qualities to the bench.”

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