MADISON — Gov. Evers office today released a statement regarding Assembly Republicans’ announcement.

“The governor’s education plan provides an opportunity for Assembly Republicans to deliver on their promise to get to two-thirds funding for our schools before they take an eight-month vacation while still providing $130 million to help reduce property taxes across our state,” said Gov. Evers spokesperson Britt Cudaback.

“Unfortunately, Assembly Republicans made it clear today that they would rather break their promise to the people of our state than work together on funding our schools and reducing property taxes in Wisconsin.”

  • Assembly Republicans were for two-thirds funding before they were against it
    • Just a reminder that these Assembly Republicans literally held a press conference in the Assembly Chamber last year saying they would deliver on their promise to get to two-thirds funding.
    • The budget Republicans passed didn’t get to two-thirds funding:
      • 2019-20 – 65.3%
      • 2020-21 – 65.5%
  • Since 2011, nearly one million Wisconsinites have gone to referendum to raise their own property taxes to support local schools.
  • See also attached a reminder of Assembly Republicans’ past statements on two-thirds funding.

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