Statement by Governor Thompson:
Many years ago, I was a young man focused on making my home a better place. I ran for the Wisconsin State Assembly because I believed my hometown and my state needed fresh faces with fresh ideas. Today, Wisconsin once again needs fresh faces with fresh ideas. Like Calvin, I came from humble roots in small-town Wisconsin, hoping that my community could see and trust my commitment to the American ideal, and making it real in my hometown. Like Calvin, all I wanted was an opportunity to help lead Wisconsin forward, building my state and my country for generations to come. I know that it is not always easy to put our faith in young people, but sometimes that faith is rewarded. I have faith in Calvin’s credentials to lead. After all, those credentials were good enough for a young man who ended up a four-term governor. In my long career serving the people of Wisconsin, I have rarely seen a young leader step up the way Calvin has. I ask you to vote for and support Calvin Callahan for the 35th Assembly District. I know I do.
Statement by Calvin Callahan:
I’m honored to accept Governor Tommy Thompsons endorsement of my candidacy for Wisconsin’s 35th Assembly District. Governor Thompson served in the Wisconsin State Assembly, beating out a sixteen year incumbent at the age of twenty three. Governor Thompson served as Wisconsin’s longest-serving Governor of four terms, he then served President Bush as the Health and Human Services Secretary. Thank you for your support Governor Thompson, its an honor!
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