(Fond du Lac, WI) – Today, Congressman Glenn Grothman released his third TV ad, “Masks Off,” in the Milwaukee and Green Bay markets.


The ad focuses on Grothman’s efforts to bring the supply chain back to the U.S. for critical medicines and medical products like masks.  Also highlighted is Grothman’s promotion of Vitamin D and its effectiveness in helping against COVID.


“The consequences of this pandemic are clear,” said Grothman. “We need to ensure that critical medicines and masks are made here in Wisconsin.  We are working everyday to help fight this pandemic so we can quickly and safely get our lives back to normal,” Grothman added.


You can watch “Masks Off” here.


Transcript of “Masks Off” is below:


It may be hard to understand what I’m saying through this mask,


But the consequences of this pandemic are clear.


That’s why I’m working hard to make sure our medicines and critical masks are made right here in Wisconsin


and not in China.


Encouraging everyone to take more Vitamin D


and working hard to accelerate a cure,


so that we can take off these masks


and get our lives back to normal.


I’m Glenn Grothman and I approve this message.

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