(Hudson, WI) – This morning Jason Church, candidate for Congress in Wisconsin’s 7th District, joined WisconsinEye’s Steve Walters to discuss the race and the issues that are most important to the Northwoods.

When asked the biggest issue in the district, Jason responded that the needs of farmers are his biggest concern: “We need to be able to provide opportunity to (farmers) to sell their products. I think recently, with the actual passing in the House and the Senate of the USMCA, and hopefully the signature soon to get all that done, that’ll provide relief needed for dairy farmers… And I would like to work with the President on some deals that would allow us export more products for Wisconsin, not only for dairy farmers but manufacturers.

Jason Church, a veteran of Afghanistan, also spoke about why his military experience has prepared him for Congress: “We need people who come from outside politics that have leadership demonstration in other facets. I think the military is one of those areas that teaches you to prioritize and then execute missions. I think right now that’s not what we’re doing in Washington.”

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