Appearing in Charlotte today, President Trump took a dig at Joe Biden for not traveling to Wisconsin during the Dems’ national convention last week.

Trump noted Biden “didn’t go there at all” while Dems were in Milwaukee. He traveled to North Carolina “out of respect for your state.”

“I think you’re going to remember that, frankly, on Nov. 3,” Trump said.

State GOP Chair Andrew Hitt also took a shot at Biden in casting all of Wisconsin’s delegates for Trump, saying it’s a state that the Dem nominee hasn’t visited in “664 days and counting.”

He also referenced the violent protests that broke out around the state Capitol in June.

Hitt said Wisconsin was at the front of the abolitionist movement and is a state where “one in three fought against the Democrats to end slavery.” 

He said Wisconsin decided to commemorate “an immigrant colonel who gave his life to end slavery with a statute on our Capitol Square that was recently topped in violent protest by Biden’s defunding the police allies.”

Hitt also tweeted today he was appointed senior counselor to the Republican National Convention.

Watch video of Trump’s comments here.

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