Madison, Wis. – The Institute for Reforming Government’s Honorary Chairman Gov. Scott Walker, appeared on the Vicki McKenna show recently to talk about IRG’s expansion efforts to implement bold conservative reforms in Wisconsin. Gov Walker also highlighted new IRG president, CJ Szafir, who was previously vice president of Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty.

Listen to the interview on WIBA radio here. Excerpts of the interview are below:

Vicki McKenna: “So where can people find out more information about this organization (IRG)?”

Gov. Walker: “ CJ Szafir used to be an executive vice president, at WILL, Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, just came on as the new president (at IRG). It’s a way to help particularly the legislature step up and provide actionable items in this next budget to counter the left wing stuff that we see coming out of the East wing.”

Vicki McKenna: “Outstanding. It’s this is going to be something that is going to directly help Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker it is always great to have you on the program. Come back anytime.”

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