Madison, Wis. – The Institute for Reforming Government’s President CJ Szafir joined WTMJ’s Steve Scaffidi Show Wednesday to review the presidential debate and provide analysis from a policy perspective.

Listen to the interview on WTMJ radio here. Excerpts of the interview are below:

Steve Scaffidi: “I’ll start with the obvious your thoughts about what you saw last night and maybe a perspective on what it might mean for the future.”

CJ Szafir: “Yeah, I think there were a few policy nuggets, which we should walk through on COVID on law enforcement on healthcare. But I think overall, I think if you thought no one’s opinion was changed. I think the status quo remains. So if you are a Joe Biden supporter and you love the polls, that show you up by five to seven points, um, I think you leave this feeling well, I think if you’re a Trump supporter and you don’t believe the polls, or you think the president’s going to be closing strong, or you think that, you know, all the polls are off by three, four or 5 percent much like in 2016, I think you are probably satisfied too…”

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