Wausau – President Trump was diagnosed with Covid-19 overnight, and I join former Vice
President Biden and many others in wishing him a swift recovery. This diagnosis emphasizes the need for all of us – individuals and government leaders alike – to take Covid-19 seriously.

Unfortunately, despite a recent mailer sent by Rep. Pat Snyder (R-85) saying he puts people above politics, he has posted many pictures of himself on Facebook campaigning without a mask – putting his constituents in danger and being a poor example for our community even as we’ve begun to see local hospitals reach capacity levels and Marathon County discuss opening a “field” hospital.

Further, during these unprecedented times of a dangerous global pandemic and related economic crisis that is hitting us hard here in central Wisconsin, Rep. Snyder and Republicans at every level have failed to put people first. Covid-19 was called a hoax, science was ignored, and there was no national response.

On the state level, Rep. Snyder and other Republican leaders decided that taking a nine month vacation to campaign for reelection was more important than acting in the best interest of Wisconsinites. They actively worked against measures taken by Gov Evers to keep Wisconsinites safe.

Yet there are actions that still can be taken now. The legislature could reconvene and say yes to expanding Badgercare by accepting the federal Medicaid money that would cover more than 80,000 Wisconsinites including roughly 1650 here in Marathon County. This could provide coverage for people suffering from Covid-19, support those who have lost jobs because of it, and support local hospitals treating those who are infected. The legislature can also support those who have lost their jobs due to Covid-19 by fixing our unemployment system that they ignored for ten years, as well as permanently removing the one-week waiting period (that they created) for benefits.

It is clear that Pat Snyder puts party before country and politics before people. We deserve better.

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