MADISON, WI State Representative Joe Sanfelippo (R-New Berlin), was interviewed
by Wisconsin Eye Public Affairs Network on Tuesday, October 20th. Sanfelippo is the
Chair of the Assembly Committee on Health which has not held a meeting since
February. The Assembly has not passed a bill in nearly 200 days. In a quote by
Representative Sanfelippo during the interview he said, “Beyond that, I think we
have to remember that this is a virus. There is nothing that government can
do. You know, we can’t wave a magic wand and make it go away.”

Jessica Katzenmeyer (D-West Allis), is running in the 15th Assembly District
to unseat Rep Sanfelippo. She believes we need to get the state government
working again to help the people of Wisconsin and take proactive measures to
stop the spread of Covid to get out of this crisis. In a statement she released on
Tuesday evening, she said:

“This is exactly what someone who hasn’t come to work in nearly 200 days
would say, and it’s particularly troubling to hear from the chair of the
Assembly Committee on Health. Rep. Sanfelippo and his party’s inaction is
prolonging this crisis and making it harder for us to bounce back. Over 1,600
families in Wisconsin have lost their loved ones to this pandemic. I believe the
government has a role in keeping our communities safe and healthy, and
that’s what I’ll do in the Assembly.”

The election will be held on November 3rd.

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