Judge Jill Karofsky’s irresponsible and insulting statements about the Wisconsin Supreme Court only further reinforce our conviction that Justice Daniel Kelly must be retained on April 7. Her slanderous statements about Justice Kelly’s work on the Court are evidence of her lack of fitness for this bench. At no point has she actually engaged in a substantive critique of Justice Kelly’s opinions, reasoning, or legal analysis. She simply casts aspersions based on the outcomes of cases, which evidences her own outcome-driven judicial approach. That’s exactly the wrong way to think about cases, because it focuses more on a political agenda than the right result based on the law. We know Justice Kelly, the quality of his reasoning and the depth of his commitment to the judicial craft. We are absolutely confident that we need his integrity and intellect to continue on the Court. And as he makes that case to the people of Wisconsin, we call on Judge Karofsky to stop these baseless insults and attacks and to instead give the voters a fair, accurate presentation of the Court’s work.

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