Yesterday, a second formal complaint was filed with the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) regarding the guile City of Milwaukee April 7, 2020 Spring General election.
The WEC administers and enforces Wisconsin elections law, and is made up of six members. Four are appointed by four state legislative leaders and two are appointed by the Governor.
The members of the WEC are: Ann S. Jacobs (Chair-D) Marge Bostelmann (R), Julie M. Glancey (D), Dean Knudson (R), Robert F. Spindell, Jr. (R) and Mark L. Thomsen (D).
In 2016, the WEC replaced the Governmental Accounting Board (GAB) to administer elections and the Wisconsin Ethics Commission to administer campaign finance, ethics and lobbying law.
The Complaint
Click here to view a copy of the actual complaint filed with the WEC.
The complaint alleges that during the April 7th 2020 Spring General election, at the Midtown Center located on the north side of Milwaukee and at the Zeidler Building downtown, that Mayor Tom Barrett:
  1. Closed early polling site locations without proper authorization.
  2. Entered multiple polling site locations during hours of operation for electioneering.
Both of these allegations are clear violations of State of Wisconsin Elections Laws, specifically Wisconsin election law statutes 6.86(1)(a) and 12.03(1), 12.03(2)(a)2 and 12.03(2)(b)2.
The allegations are supported by several documents including a copy of a WEC Supplemental FAQ on Absentee Voting which states,”The election laws do not provide local elected officials the authority to place limits on or eliminate registration or voting options established by the statutes”: A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article reporting on Mayor Tom Barrett going to Midtown polling location and electioneering during polling operational hours. Witnesses in the article include poll workers, voters and current City of Milwaukee Common Council President Cavalier Johnson:
Supporting documents also include a copy of a WEC complaint form from witness Michelle Bryant reporting of Mayor Tom Barrett at the Midtown polling location and electioneering during polling operational hours.
The Wisconsin Elections Commission Response
The WEC has acknowledged receipt of the complaint. The complaint points out that a local election official did not properly follow an election law under Wis. Stat. s. 5.06. MEC Executive Director Neil Albrecht and Chair Commissioner Stephanie Findley will be provided the complaint and will be given an opportunity to provide a response to the allegation.  After a response is received, the complainant is allowed to file a reply. After all allowable filings have been made, the WEC will review the submissions and issue a decision.
Expect more complaints to be filed with the WEC and other election and civil and voting rights agencies regarding Mayor Tom Barrett and his administrations voter suppression action during the April 7, 2020 Spring General Election.
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