LAC DU FLAMBEAU—December 11, 2020—Following the departure of a therapist working for the Lac du Flambeau Family Resource Center, an internal review found the former therapist’s client files, forms and plans contained incomplete record-keeping. The therapist no longer works at FRC.
“At no time was anyone’s information leaked or privacy violated,” FRC Director Laurie Buesing says. “Client records remain confidential and privacy a priority. Our team cares deeply about our clients and families who receive our counseling and therapy services.”
“Current client files are now up to date and complete,” Buesing adds. “It’s imperative we are as transparent as possible within privacy laws to ensure the trust of our clients, families and community.”
When a therapist leaves the FRC, client files are reviewed to ensure a proper transition of care. This review is critical to matching client care needs to an appropriate FRC therapist. FRC staff found incomplete record-keeping by the former therapist after client files were reviewed as part of the transition of care process. Clients whose files were found to be incomplete will receive a letter from the FRC. The letter shares information about who to contact with questions.
“The health, well-being and trust of clients, their families, and our community is our top priority,” LDF Tribal Chairman John D. Johnson, Sr. says. “We take this situation and our responsibility to clients, families, and community extremely seriously.”
FRC is in process of reporting this matter to licensing and oversight agencies.
“Tribal Council is in the process of engaging an independent auditor to review and strengthen internal processes and controls,” Tribal Chairman Johnson says. “Tribal Council sees transparency—while protecting client privacy—crucial to maintaining the trust of FRC clients, families and community going forward.”
Our Mission: To provide leadership for the betterment of tribal membership and descendants in the areas of health, education, welfare, economic/job development and the protection of natural resources.                    
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