The League thanks U.S. District Judge James Conley for recognizing the grave danger that voters, poll workers and city and village staff are facing in carrying out the Spring Presidential Preference Primary. Judge Conley’s ruling strikes a reasonable balance between safety and protecting the election.

By allowing an extension of absentee balloting to April 13, his ruling provides voters with a greater opportunity to vote absentee rather than gather at polling places and gives municipal staff additional time to process ballots. The extension of the deadline for requesting an absentee ballot and the reasonable modification of the witness requirement are important safety measures for Wisconsin’s most vulnerable voters.

Elections are a core function of municipal government and are people intensive. According to the Wisconsin Elections Commission, there are approximately 30,000 election officials/inspectors who usually work at the polls on Election Day.

We want to thank the 1,850 Wisconsin city, village and town clerks who are responsible for maintaining voter lists, managing polling places and hiring poll workers. We’ve heard from hundreds of them, whom Judge Conley referred to as “Heroes.” We agree.

Read the Judge’s ruling here.

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