Watertown Mayor Emily McFarland was elected President of the League’s Urban Alliance (UA) by her peers from cities and villages across the state at a UA meeting held virtually earlier today.  The Urban Alliance is a vital part of the League, focusing on solutions that will benefit all of Wisconsin’s municipalities, large and small.

“I promised my community when I campaigned that I would advocate for their needs and the needs of our city,” Mayor Emily McFarland said. “I have found the Urban Alliance and the League to be beneficial in collaborating and advocating jointly for the needs of municipalities in Wisconsin,” McFarland said. “Cities and villages are the core of government; we serve our citizens at the ground level and I sincerely think there is work we can do to demonstrate our needs and hopefully encourage positive action to provide support to our citizens. I was surprised and honored to be nominated by my colleagues.”

McFarland is a collaborative leader who has been an active member of the League since her election as Mayor in 2019, sharing solutions and advocating for positive change, attending trainings and conferences as well as serving on the League’s Advocacy Team.  She will serve a two-year term as the UA President, providing leadership at a crucial time in the history of the organization as it focuses on providing Wisconsin’s municipalities with the ability to provide vital services to its residents during and after the pandemic.

The Urban Alliance was formerly the Wisconsin Alliance of Cities until it was absorbed into the League in 2008.  Any member of the League can participate in the Urban Alliance’s extensive networking and discussions, helping to set a future course for municipalities in Wisconsin.

McFarland was elected Mayor of Watertown in April of 2019. Prior to that she served on the City Council for five years. McFarland has worked for all levels of government in her career; most recently working in the executive levels of state government.

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