(MADISON, Wis.) – Construction Business Group (CBG), a leading voice for the Wisconsin
construction industry, and the League of Wisconsin Municipalities (the “League”), an advocate for cities and villages, have announced a partnership to ensure transparency and accountability for contractors working on construction projects in the State of Wisconsin.

Every year, numerous public construction projects are started in Wisconsin to improve our
infrastructure. When municipalities competitively bid public works, the award must go to the “lowest responsible bidder.” Determining whether a bidder is “responsible,” however, can be nearly impossible unless the local government has an extensive contractor prequalification process, which is beyond the resource capabilities of many local governments.

To ensure responsible contractors are being selected, CBG has created a Bidder Database.
The database is a free, easy to use online research resource that holds extensive information on over 9,600 contractors. Through a simple search of a contractor name, the database supplies links to judgments, tax liens, debarment records, OSHA violations, and more. All data is verifiable and reliable public information and provides local governments and other project owners with a convenient tool to vet contractors and subcontractors.

Recently, the League and CBG entered into a Memorandum of Agreement that will make the bidder database an even more powerful tool. Local government officials will have exclusive access to a project evaluation form that may be completed for public works projects. The project evaluation will be connected to the contractor (or subcontractor) that was evaluated and available to view by other local governments and all other registered users.

“We are excited to partner with the League of Wisconsin Municipalities to ensure that
municipalities are making informed decisions when selecting their contractors,” said Robb Kahl, Executive Director of CBG. “Helping to ensure better long-term investments in Wisconsin’s infrastructure for citizens is one of our organization’s top priorities.”

“Being able to properly vet contractors to ensure they are responsible has been a difficulty for local governments in Wisconsin for years,” said Jerry Deschane, Executive Director of the League.

“Providing our members access to CBG’s Bidder Database and a mechanism to share
feedback on contractors will help ensure the municipal projects are done right the first time, which will save taxpayer dollars.”

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