Yesterday, Rep. Allen and legislative colleagues sent the following letter to Governor Tony Evers advocating for the protection of State property:


June 24, 2020

The Honorable Tony Evers

Office of the Governor

Room 115 East, State Capitol

Madison WI, 53702

Governor Evers,

As you know, protests in the City of Madison again turned violent yesterday evening. Sen. Tim Carpenter was violently attacked.  State property honoring an abolitionist and Wisconsin’s progressive history was destroyed.

During the last several weeks, cities across Wisconsin and the country have seen violence erupt stemming in part from a significant injustice. As expressed by members of the legislature in a previous letter to you dated June 5, 2020, individuals have every right to participate in a peaceful protest as protected by the First Amendment, however, they do not have the right to destroy property, and inflict damage upon the People’s House, the State Capitol.

We as members of the legislature, representing the people of Wisconsin, request that you authorize Capitol Police to provide adequate protection to any and all State assets that may be affected by violence.

Absent the requested mobilization of police protection, we request that State-owned assets including but not limited to, artwork, statues, fixtures and anything that cannot be properly secured be physically removed from the State Capitol and state owned buildings and be stored safely, until a time of peace or a time when your administration can work out an effective asset protection plan.

We cannot allow the actions of a few to affect the investment of many. The citizens of Wisconsin deserve to have their state house free of violence and vandalism, the repairs of which will come at great cost to law-abiding taxpayers all across the state. The people of Wisconsin do not deserve such.





Rep. Scott Allen


Rep. Shannon Zimmerman

Rep. Bob Kulp


Rep. Michael Schraa


Rep. Scott Krug


Rep. James Edming


Rep. Treig Pronschinske



Rep. Janel Brandtjen

Rep. Rick Gundrum


Rep. Chuck Wichgers


Rep. Cody Horlacher


Rep. John Spiros

Rep. Gae Magnafici

Rep. Dave Murphy



Rep. Ron Tusler

Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt

Sen. Howard Marklein

Sen. Patrick Testin

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