The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin’s (LPWI) Executive Committee voted Sunday night to cancel the live convention planned for Saturday, March 21st, in Brookfield, WI. The decision came after debate over the health risks associated with large group gatherings. The state convention has a regular attendance of 60-90 people, a group too large given the State of Emergency.

“In light of a State of Emergency issued by Federal, State, and local officials the LPWI believes that family and health come first,” said Matt Bughman, State Chair from Muskego, WI.

In effort to protect the membership and their families the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin Executive Committee voted to refrain from holding an in-person convention. To complete necessary party business the LPWI leadership also voted that in place of an in-person convention a virtual convention will be held to fill this obligation. The digital convention will be open to all party members free of charge and will focus on selecting delegates to the National Convention in May. The Event is scheduled for 10 AM, Saturday March 21st, 2020. The link to the registration is available on the party website at

Former Chair and 2018 Gubernatorial candidate Phil Anderson doesn’t see this slowing business down for the party. “We’re a flexible group of people by nature. We are still going to elect delegates for our National Convention where we will select our presidential candidate.”

Membership is not required to attend the virtual meeting. Only credentialed members will be permitted to vote. Pre-registration is not required but recommended. Membership may be purchased up to the beginning of the meeting. The Libertarian National convention is currently slated for May 21st-25th, 2020, in Austin Texas. Information about the national convention may be found at LP.Org.

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