DEFOREST, Wis. – Today, Abigail Lowery is proud to have made the Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition Pledge to end gerrymandering in Wisconsin. She is now the only candidate on the ballot this November running for the Wisconsin State Assembly in the 37th District to make the pledge to support an independent process to redraw legislative district maps in the future.

“I have said this before, and I will say it again – no elected official should be guaranteed a reelection,” Lowery said. “That is why I have pledged to support fair maps legislation if elected to the State Assembly this November. As the next State Representative for the 37th Assembly District, I will refuse to vote for any legislative map that is drawn to give an unfair advantage to Republicans or Democrats. The ability to choose your elected officials is a value I hold dearly.”

The Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition is made up of leaders from a number of organizations including the Wisconsin Farmers Union, Wisconsin AFL-CIO and the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin. The organization seeks to end the practice of gerrymandering – rigging political maps to favor a political party.

Lowery is a lifelong Wisconsinite. She is a UW-Madison graduate, former special education teacher, and has worked in a range of positions supporting adults and children with developmental disabilities. She currently serves on the Village Board of Trustees in DeForest where she has lived with her family for over a decade. This is Lowery’s first time running for a state elected office. The 37th District includes parts of DeForest, Windsor as well as Columbus, Waterloo, Watertown and various communities in southern Dodge County.”

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