DE PERE — Dr. Kristin Lyerly has secured the endorsement of a physician-led political action committee recognizing that her role in the medical community makes her uniquely positioned to heal America’s healthcare system and be a driving force for the best care for patients.

Doctors in Politics endorses Dr. Lyerly, a Wisconsin native and practicing OB/GYN, in her flourishing campaign for the 88th Assembly District. Dr. Lyerly’s advocacy for high-quality patient-centered healthcare that is affordable and accessible to all is among the many platform issues that distinguish her from third-term incumbent John Macco.

“I am honored that this esteemed group working to transform America’s healthcare system has endorsed my candidacy,” said Dr. Lyerly, whose interest in public office accelerated in April when the state of Wisconsin sent voters to the polls during the pandemic. “They join us in recognizing the need for advocacy for individual and community health in Madison, where the incumbent and the current Legislature have been truly irresponsible in their actions during this pandemic.”

Doctors in Politics has declared its intent to mobilize, amplify and support physician candidates who advocate for a healthcare system that puts patients first. The Kristin for Wisconsin campaign offers a unique opportunity to rise above the lack of action in the legislature to protect our communities.

“Commonsense mitigation like wearing masks and making communities safer by taking the virus seriously is the right thing for the people of Wisconsin — and here in the 88th, voters are demanding real change,” Dr. Lyerly said. “It’s time for the voice of medicine in Madison.”


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