MADISON – Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers recently reappointed Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin Outreach Director Nela Kalpic to continue to serve as Domestic Abuse Knowledge Representative of the Council on Domestic Abuse effective August 17, 2020 to serve a term expiring on July 1, 2023.

A survivor herself, Nela is devoted to helping other survivors, and has been recognized for her advocacy for victims of domestic abuse. She was awarded the Courage Award by former Governor Scott Walker and also serves on the Wisconsin Crime Victims’ Rights Board (CVRB), an independent body that oversees the application of Wisconsin’s victims’ rights laws.

“I am honored to continue to serve on the Governor’s Council on Domestic Abuse and grateful for Governor Evers’ faith in me,” said Kalpic. “Having the opportunity to help other survivors navigate and overcome the difficult aftermath of abuse helps give purpose to all of the experiences that led me to become an advocate for victims. I hope I can help others on the journey from survivor to advocate.”

The Governor’s Council on Domestic Abuse is a bipartisan body that advises the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families and the state legislature on domestic abuse funding and policy issues. The Council also hears input from Wisconsin residents and provides resources on domestic abuse issues.

“Your experience, knowledge, and dedication will be a true asset to my administration and a great benefit to the people of Wisconsin,” wrote Governor Evers in his appointment letter. “I look forward to working with you to find innovative ways of delivering services and implementing positive change for the citizens of our state.”

The Council on Domestic Abuse is made up of thirteen members who are appointed for three-year terms. Nine of those members are nominated by the Governor, with advice and consent of the Senate. The remaining members are designated for appointment by legislative leaders. Those appointed to the council have a recognized interest in and knowledge of domestic abuse issues.

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