Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs has introduced legislation seeking information about the legal action taken by former Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales against the city in the wake of his demotion in August by the Fire and Police Commission.

The two-part communication file directs the Milwaukee Police Department, the Fire and Police Commission, and the Office of the City Attorney to provide an update to the Common Council on the lawsuit filed by Mr. Morales against the city and a status update of the process for recruiting and hiring a new chief of police.

The file could be taken up by the Steering and Rules Committee when it meets virtually at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, January 4th.

“There are many questions about what is happening with the Morales case, including a desire to learn more about what legal advice the Fire and Police Commission board members received prior to their decision (to demote the former chief), as well as what the status is of recruiting and hiring a new chief,” Alderwoman Coggs said.

“The Council and the public deserve to have some key questions answered and that is why I have introduced the communication file,” she said.

A Milwaukee County Circuit Court judge has ruled that the FPC Board of Commissioners acted improperly and did not allow due process when it voted to demote then Chief Morales to the rank of captain. Mr. Morales chose to retire shortly thereafter and the FPC appointed Assistant Chief Michael Brunson to serve as acting chief.

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