Today the 2020-2024 Milwaukee Common Council elected me to serve as the new Common Council President. I am grateful to the members for selecting me to lead in this term, and I can say that I have felt the weight of the office since before the votes were cast. Milwaukee is a city on the rise but it is and has been for some time, a city that has seen its fair share of division. This body is emblematic of that – though it is my strong belief that it doesn’t have to be.


We face challenges in the immediate term like dealing with the fallout of the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19) as well as others, including the long-term looming fiscal impact of massive pension contributions. These are all primary issues of concern, just as violence prevention, securing local resources to fund our services, and laying a stronger foundation for our young people must also remain in our focus.


The electorate of this city was wise enough to send to this Council the highest proportion of women to have ever served. A whole third of the Common Council is now represented by strong, fierce, brave and capable women who will lead in this term. The city should be thankful for the service that they will render and the Council will be a better body because of it.


Most importantly, it is imperative for the Council to rectify existing internal obstacles and to unite to best serve the needs of the citizens of Milwaukee. As President I will be working to achieve unification and to rectify any obstacles that are holding us back from doing what the people need us to do.


I am looking forward to working every day to make sure Milwaukee rises on a path that lifts all parts of our city, together, toward success, prosperity and hope.


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