Budget amendments sponsored by Alderman Khalif J. Rainey seek to bolster the city’s Fresh Food Access Fund and to put a full-time monitor in the role of addressing key infrastructure issues in distressed Milwaukee neighborhoods.

In an amendment to the mayor’s proposed 2021 city budget, Alderman Rainey has proposed adding $200,000 to the Fresh Food Access Fund (operated by the Department of City Development) to continue providing support for increasing access to fresh food choices in city neighborhoods that do not have grocery stores or other outlets selling fresh and nutritious foods.

Alderman Rainey, chair of the Community and Economic Development Committee, is the author of legislation that led the Common Council to seek collaborative public-private partnerships to provide healthy food options in the city’s restrictive access areas or “food deserts.” In November 2018, the Council approved an amendment that increased the food access seed fund by $200,000 to enhance entrepreneurialism, encourage healthy eating, and to provide a hand-up to neighborhoods that need added health and nutrition initiatives.

The access fund provides financial support and grants to businesses and organizations that boost the access of healthy food choices. For example, these eligible projects range from mobile market stops and improved nutrition education to accessible transportation for grocery shopping, along with expanding the availability of locally grown foods.

“My amendment seeks to continue the effort to address food inequality in Milwaukee,” Alderman Rainey said.

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