Affordable Health Care Assistance Deadline is December 15th

Alderman Khalif J. Rainey is urging Milwaukee residents to consult with experts at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services about Affordable Health Care options before the free open enrollment offer ends on Tuesday, December 15th.

There are multiple affordable health care options offered in Wisconsin, and there are experts on hand ready to help Milwaukee residents navigate through these options. Some of the available options are through services like the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace, and, which helps individuals and families shop for and enroll in affordable health plans.

Another option is Badger Care Plus, a Wisconsin Medicaid program, which provides health care benefits for people ages 0–64 who have a limited income. Residents are also able to explore finding affordable coverage through an employer, and human resources departments can help to break down various health insurance options.

“It is extremely important to make sure you have your health insurance plan set up and ready to go as we head into the end of 2020. Obviously the COVID-19 pandemic will still be with us into next year, and that also increases the urgency of securing the right health insurance plan,” Alderman Rainey said. “This is a great chance to talk to an expert about which plan works best for you, and I am encouraging everyone who is not already covered by insurance to take advantage of this opportunity.”

For more information regarding the Wisconsin Department of Health Services consultation, you can visit their website at Find Affordable Health Insurance During Open Enrollment | Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

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