MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee City Attorney Tearman Spencer today issued the following statement regarding the peaceful protests amid the death of George Floyd:
“As Milwaukee’s City Attorney, it’s important for the people to know that we hear your voice and we feel your frustration. At a time when people are seeking justice amidst a broken system, we must remember to remain as one, and treat each other as neighbors.
“We must proceed safely. We’ve seen several demonstrations across the city, most of which have been peaceful. We must continue in that element of good faith and have respect for our neighborhoods and communities.
“I am aware that communities of color feel they don’t have a voice, but be apprised that I will be your voice and the voice for all communities. I want everyone to know that I will be your voice. It’s why I ran for City Attorney and it’s how I’ll lead as City Attorney. We must come together and fight for justice as a united community and seek the changes we need to see the most.
“I understand, as a black man, that our system must change. We need real leadership at all levels of government to make serious, long term decisions to reform our policing policies and our criminal justice system. This can’t happen alone – we need everyone to have a seat at the table. But it’s also not going to happen over night. We must remain vigilant, peaceful, and calm as we begin to have the discussions that we have needed to have for far too long.”
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