MILWAUKEE – The Board of Supervisors passed (16-0) a resolution at their monthly Board meeting that allocates funding for Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) to create a new bus route to service the Amazon facility in Oak Creek. The new Route 81 will connect residents from both the near North and South sides of Milwaukee County to the jobs at the facility.


“The new Amazon facility in Oak Creek has brought hundreds of jobs to our area. By funding this new bus route, we are making real improvements to our constituents’ lives. I am grateful to my fellow Board members for seeing how this new route can make sure that transportation is not a reason for someone to turn down a good paying job.” said Logsdon.


Starting at the Fond du Lac garage and station located near 35th street and Fond du Lac Avenue, the route will primarily continue along Fond du Lac Avenue, 6th Street, and Interstate 43/94 to Oak Creek. Route 81 will run seven days per week, serving four shifts. MCTS will be promoting the new route through reaching out to local neighborhood and business groups.


“I also want to thank the staff of the Milwaukee County Department of Transpiration and Milwaukee County Transit System for all the hard work they put into creating and promoting this route. Since last year’s budget when this opportunity first came up, I know they worked to ensure the maximum number of people were served while keeping our costs low.” said Logsdon.


In August, Amazon announced it will hire 1,000 new full-time employees for its new Oak Creek location. Hourly pay begins at $15 with immediate openings. Job openings will be posted on the company’s website as they become available.

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