MILWAUKEE – The City of Milwaukee Health Department (MHD) acknowledges the decision to open schools is an emotional one for all parties involved. Children and their safety and development are our priority during this pandemic. We will be doing weekly school safety plan updates on Fridays in order to keep the community apprised of the school plans submitted and approved. As of today, MHD has received 59 total complete plans. In order for a plan to be complete, it must include a MHD K-12 Safety Assessment Checklist. This can be located on our website at: The current K-12 approved schools are listed below.

21-Aug 28-Aug 3-Sep 11-Sep 18-Sep
Marquette University High School Salem Lutheran St. Sava Orthodox School Pathways High School Eastbrook Academy
Wisconsin Lutheran S. Lucas Lutheran Right Step High School St. John Paul II St. Adalbert School
Pius XI Milwaukee Seventh day Adventist Milwaukee Lutheran High School Academy of Excellence
Yeshiva Elementary Mt. Olive Christian Day Blessed Savior School Next Door School
St. Marcus Risen Savior St. Matthias School Nativity Jesuit Catholic School
Divine Savior Holy Angels Word of Life Lutheran St. Vincent Paloltti
Milwaukee Montessori Seeds of Health Lumin Schools
Cross Trainers Academy Blessed Sacrament Hope Christian Schools
Seton Catholic Schools St.  Augustine United Community Center Schools
St. Sebastian Mt. Lebanon Siloah Lutheran School
St. Anthony Christ-St. Peter Lutheran School
Notre Dame
Christo Rey
St. John’s Lutheran

MHD is continuing to review COVID-19 safety plans for schools that are located in the City of Milwaukee and desire to have options aside from virtual. Plans are reviewed in the order that they are received and prioritized by the open date. Schools will receive an approval letter from the Commissioner of Health. Please visit our new school website page for more information on COVID-19 safety plan submission and webinars.

We have been very mindful not to release specific names of schools to be consistent with our position on sector outbreaks. As a rule, we do not release names of businesses or restaurants publicly or post this information.

An outbreak number of two is conservative and every school agreed, through their reopening plan, to follow the direction of MHD starting at one positive case. Publishing the names of schools that are doing their due diligence to work with us does not promote good partnership and is punitive in nature. One outbreak at a school does not constitute a larger public health threat. If the particular school has a massive, uncontrollable outbreak, that has either been impacted (or will be impacted) by the surrounding communities we will share that information. As of today’s date we have managed (1) School outbreak that involved adults only, no students.  The school was cooperative with the Health Department and received a site visit, in which plans and protocols were reviewed. The school did implement some recommended changes and has resumed hybrid learning without further incident.  There were no outbreaks reported this week, 9/14.

Next update will be on Friday, September 25, 2020.

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